Ultimate Guide To Gambling Offers ON Push.

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About The Guide

In this guide we will look at the lucrative vertical of gambling offers! This is a revised guide as of June 2021 and the methods still work. I have learned more things since the last time I published this guide and I have been sharing most of it on Afflift. However, this guide will provide you with everything that is required in order to take your campaigns to the next level. If you already have experience with these types of offers, this guide might offer you a different perspective and I hope you can still gain value from this guide.. Over the last 1 year, this method has made me over $100,000 in revenue with an average ROI of around 60-70%. 

The online gambling industry today is worth over $52 billion because like I said previously, there
are people who will always be willing to risk a small amount of money for a chance to change
their life around. Hence, this will always be an evergreen vertical.

If you have been running gambling offers on push and struggling to get them profitable or keep them profitable, this guide would be good for you. If you haven’t tried push and you are interested in giving gambling a shot, you would also benefit from the guide.

What’s inside


Ideal Payout Models


Choosing The Right Offers


Remarketing Audiences


Email Collection


Traffic Sources


Best Angles To Use


Landing Pages

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High Converting Landers

This is an evergreen vertical and an evergreen strategy for running gambling offers on push notification advertisements. As long as Push Ads are a thing, these strategies would work.

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