About Me

Hey! Thank you for visiting my website. My name is Varun and I have been doing affiliate marketing for the past 3 years.

I experimented with a lot of stuff from Facebook, Google, Blogging with varied levels of success.

I finally started finding some success with Push and Pop traffic sources. While I was continuously experimenting with the iGaming vertical, I was using m-VAS offers to build up my cash flow.

Finally push combined with email has given me the most success.

I am always experimenting with new traffic sources, new angles, new methods and I will be documenting all of it through my blog.

I have always wanted to write content and actually started affiliate marketing doing that. Somewhere down the line, content writing took a back seat while I was trying to learn how to buy traffic effectively.

I have now decided to get back to content writing and I”ll be sharing as much as I can through my blog and my newsletter.

I am always available through the email given at the top of my website to help out anyone who needs help.