I have been running iGaming campaigns for more than a year now. Six months ago I decided to add email opt-ins to my landers in an effort to create a long term asset for monetisation.

This allowed me to get an edge on my competition since I saw that not many  of my competitors were using this strategy. I had a lot of ups and downs in regards to my campaigns before I implemented this strategy. I was making decent money in a week, and then barely breaking even in the next. I really wanted some sort of consistency in my campaigns. And something as simple as adding an email opt-in helped me to achieve that!

I have seen some terrific results, increase in player value, more first time deposits and the best of all, it has given me the ability to test new campaigns without investing too much since I have built my very own traffic source.

The process is really simple as detailed in the flow below :


Implementing a simple email opt-in like shown above helped me to make more money out of acquiring users in the gambling vertical. ! These email opt-in landers enabled me to create a traffic source of my own! Interested people that click on your push ads opt-in to your email list and then you can send different offers to these people. With so many brands around, you could potentially get someone to sign up for 10 different brands! And if the person is ready to deposit his money in one brand, he/she is more than likely to deposit in another brand! The subscribers that you collect from push traffic are actually of really good quality. I use interactive landers with spin/survey and then at the end prompt the user for their emails and after they opt in to my list, they get redirected to the offer. 

I basically get paid to build my email list! My front end conversions more than cover the cost of my traffic and then email remarketing strategies help me take my 40-50% ROI to even 100-150%. I have my very own traffic source built with the help of push ads which I can market to at any point in the future. I have even cross promoted my offers to different verticals

Examples of landers :

Nothing special about the landers, nothing complicated. You have all seen these types of landers on your spy tools, but very few people actually implement the email collection. Make sure you are one of them! Next up I will present to you a case study of a campaign where I implemented the above mentioned things to bring in the $$