I have talked about this case study on the Afflift forum before and also on the webinar with RichPush. Since I have started my blog, I am re-publishing this to reach a wider audience

Stats for the month of January 2021:

Quick Summary :

Spent: $5507.20

Revenue: $14220.00

Profit: $8712.80

ROI: 158.21%

The multiple campaigns correspond to 2 different traffic sources and different targeting settings. I was using push ads in conjunction with Email Marketing which is the reason for this ridiculous ROI! It is hard to get to this ROI in the gambling vertical without adding in email marketing in my opinion, but if you are doing it without the added hacks, then for sure you should be using these strategies to take your ROI to a stratospheric level. In addition to this, I also made some extra money on Monetizer of course with their push collection script. That’s my tracker paid for!

I have also started working with a new network KeyAffiliates on a CPA/Rev Share hybrid and it has been progressing nicely! Rev Share is more of a long term strategy and I am sure by the end of the year these numbers would be looking much better. I am only sending a bit of traffic through my email list (about 10%) to this network and the stats are looking great till now.

I started working with them somewhere in the second week of January, so these are basically stats for one month.

Sign-ups: 147

First-time deposits: 15

Revenue Share: 25% (72.41€)

CPA: 7 (Met the baseline of 25€)

All this is basically free money made using the email list I collected from my push traffic campaigns!

Geo : Canada

Payout: CPA $180 per FTD  (MD $15)

Strategy: Push + Email

Creatives Used : 

As you can see, I rarely use the second big image in my campaigns. I haven’t found it to make a lot of difference. With just using icons, I can test them quicker! There is nothing too special about the creatives here. Apart from one creative, I have not used the word “Free” anywhere and this is something you must do in order to maintain your quality.

Landers Used :

These were the email opt-in landers used for the campaign. There were a couple more, but these turned out to be the best performing ones. The second one was a direct email opt-in while the first one has spin+survey+email opt-in. They both showed similar conversion rate for both front end conversions as well as email opt-ins so I let them run. These decisions get easier as you run campaigns and gain experience and you have a good idea of what will work and what will not work.

After they opted in to my list they were sent emails like the ones below :

I use Sendy to collect and send emails and this has proved to be the ultimate game changer for me!

I think it is really important for everyone to build long term assets for themselves and networks like PropellerAds or RichAds provide really high quality push traffic which you can still buy at cheap rates to build up your email list for longer lasting and profitable campaigns. I am not the most creative person or did not even have a big budget to start with, but as long as you do the basics right, you can make good money from running iGaming campaigns. It took me a long while and a lot of time in the red to get here, so please if you do not get results immediately, try to stick with it, and you’ll create a substantial source of income for yourself, I am not doing this full time yet since I have other goals to achieve right now, but I know this will prove to be a consistent source of income for me for the foreseeable future. You can apply the same strategies to any vertical/any traffic source and you will find that you’ll be successful.